News in the Neighborhood

pp_busThe kids are back in school and the summer heat is gone. Welcome to fall in Providence Plantation. The good news is that it has been a pretty quiet summer and there is no big news in the neighborhood. The biggest news is that Google has started to run cable throughout the neighborhood. I am not sure where they have run it so far, but I know that they ran it up Kuykendall and also on Grey Moss, Beaucatcher and Rhett Butler. I still have no information regarding when they may start offering service in the neighborhood. With all apologies to anybody that works for Time Warner, I can’t wait! I’m sure everybody has also noticed that they are ripping up the entrance at Providence and High Ridge. They have dug a huge hole and it looks like they are building an ICBM missile silo, but I suspect it might be something else. The HOA has been trying to find out what is going on, but so far we have been unsuccessful.

Also, all of the HOA members should have received their new Neighborhood Directories a few months ago. A lot of work goes into maintaining the data base and producing the directories, and keeping track of all of the people that move into and out of the neighborhood is sometimes a real problem. Therefore we are asking all members to help us out. If ever you should see an error in the directory, such as the listing of a neighbor that moved away a year ago, please, let us know. Also, please look in Neighborhood Services section. There are a lot of entries in there for such things as Babysitting that just carry over from year to year. We suspect that some of those people have moved on, but we don’t know which ones. If you or a family member is listed, but you no longer are interested in pursuing those services, please let us know so that we can delete your entry. Just send a short email to or Sandy Sparks at Thanks for your help on this.

Bob Hayes