Time to Make Your Annual HOA Dues Payment

If we didn’t receive an annual dues payment from a residence by March 1st, we will be mailing out a second notice by the end of the month. If you are not sure whether you have already paid your dues or not, just send me an email (directory@pp-hoa.org) with your address included, and I’ll be glad to check our records and give you a response. We do appreciate your support.

If you are mailing in a check please include the form with your check. For dues paid via your online banking application or by PayPal you can enter the information that appears on the dues form from our website. The form will be automatically forwarded to our membership and directory chairpersons – no mailing required. The only required information is the street address for which you are paying dues. Other than address, only information you want to update needs to be supplied for existing members of the HOA.

If you are a new member to the HOA please also fill out the Homeowner’s information requested on the Dues form. You can do this from our website instead of mailing in the form. We will add supplied information to our database and publish it in our directory, with the exception of email addresses. The PPHA Directory is published in May and mailed the first part of June to the residence of all HOA members that we have received payment from by May 1st. If your payment is received after that date, you may make arrangements to pick up a directory from one of the board members.

For this year only, ALL NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR SERVICES will be purged from our database in a cleanup effort. Normally we carry this information along with all other homeowner’s information from one year to the next, only updating when requested to do so by the homeowner. We’re concerned that some of the services may no longer be provided. Those services provided by children may no longer be supplied because the children have gone off to college or left home. So, this year YOU NEED TO SUPPLY INFORMATION FOR ALL SERVICES people at your residence want to continue to have listed in our directory and on our new website. Updates can be applied the website a few times a year.

Your homeowner’s dues continue to fund, among other things, the following initiatives:

  • Weekend night security patrols by off-duty police officers. We have a safe neighborhood by any standard. These patrols are a primary reason why.
  • Maintenance of our 5 neighborhood entrances which include landscaping fees for annual and perennial plantings, mowing, irrigation, electricity and insurance. We continue to try and improve the appearance at these locations.
  • Quarterly newsletters and maintenance of our new website WWW.PP-HOA.ORG
  • Email services to residents for notification of crime alerts, missing persons or pets, and other important community broadcasts.
  • Annual directory, which includes a Services section where dues paying members may advertise for free, services they or family members provide. This information will also appear on our website.

I want to thank all homeowners who paid their dues last year and ask those of you who did not, to do so this year. They are used to pay for things that benefit everyone. Your Board Officers volunteer a lot of time and effort providing services to all homeowners.