Tidbits of the History of Providence Plantation

This article will be brief because for the past month we have been assisting our granddaughter with renovation of her first home purchase.

Henry Newson was chosen by the financiers to plan, develop and sell Providence Plantation. Henry was chosen because he was already developing off Kuykendall.

Years later the Providence Planters Garden Club invited Henry to share our history. It was shortly after Hurricane Hugo struck our area on September 22, 1989. I remember the timeframe because he damaged his car when he struck a pile of the hurricane debris.

Henry told them he had three conditions: 1. Move the entrance from Kuykendall (Lancelot intersection) to Providence Road. 2. Change the name of the development from Providence Acres to Providence Plantation. 3. Build the entrance gate to match an upscale neighborhood in Beaufort. I am not sure if he meant Beaufort in NC or SC.

The garden club enjoyed Henry’s neighborhood history, and I suggested that he speak at the PPHOA annual meeting. Unfortunately, he had moved to a retirement center and most of his speech dealt with the retirement center.

Joye Baucom