Neighborhood Library Boxes

The PPHOA Board has received a request from a neighbor to consider installing Little Library, also known as Lending Library, boxes in our neighborhood. After consideration, the Board has agreed to proceed should sufficient interest exist in the Plantation. PPHOA would be responsible for the purchase of the box, maintenance and stocking of books. A Little Library/Lending Library is a small box (2′ x 2′) mounted on a post with an assortment of books inside. They are free to borrow, and you can take one or two, but it is hoped that you will put in one or two. Very simple and nice to have nearby!

Needed are volunteers for placement of a library box structure on their property. It is suggested that the boxes be placed a few feet in from the street, in a place that is safe from cars passing so that patrons can safely stand at the box. We would ask that as the host, you monitor and minimally maintain structures (keep them orderly, let us know if they need to be filled, repaired etc). A PPHOA contact person would be assigned to address any potential issue from hosts and neighbors with regard to the structures.

Should you as a property owner would like to volunteer some yard space for installation of a library box structure, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Carolyn or Carol-Sue Austin:

Thank you!

Carol-Sue Austin
Zoning and Planning