Safety and Security – 2nd Quarter

The following crimes were reported in Providence Plantation during the second quarter of 2017

In all of the larcenies from auto, items were taken from unlocked cars.

Recently I have received complaints from homeowners about youths skateboarding on our streets nearly causing accidents.  In one incident two boys on skateboards were nearly struck by a school bus when a moped towing the boys cut off a school bus on Houston Branch Rd.

Parents, before someone gets seriously hurt or killed, please talk to your children about the dangerous and illegal practice of skateboarding on city streets.  Let them know that in an effort to correct this condition and avoid a tragedy the CMPD has been asked to enforce the below City Ordinances in our neighborhood.  Enforcement will most likely begin with warnings, but can include the seizing of their skateboards and the issuance of a citation to them or their parents.

Charlotte city ordinances prohibits the use or operation of skateboards, on the street, except when crossing at a crosswalk.

Another safety issue involved a crossbow arrow found within 100 yards of the front door of a homeowner.

Charlotte City ordinances prohibits the shooting of arrows with a bow except in a licensed shooting gallery or range or by permission of the city council.

Please report all incidents of crime to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.   For crimes in progress and other emergencies dial 911.  For non-emergencies, and past crimes call 311.  You can also report the following past crimes using the Online Reporting System; Larceny, Harassing Phone Calls, Theft from Auto, or Property Damage.  You can do so at: You can do so at: or by a link from

Also, please notify me at 849-9234, between 9am and 9pm, or you can email me at

Harvey Katowitz
Security Chairperson