Tidbits of the History of Providence Plantation

Have you noticed the diversity of construction and style of our original homes? The reason why is that we chose a lot, and then chose a builder. Prior to the development of Providence Plantation, Walter Klein was one of our earliest homeowners. He owned the property on the ½ acre size lots side of Lancelot. He sold property on the Lancelot side streets and within the past 20 years, he filled in the lake and subdivided the last of his property. Bill Thomas (son-in-law of one of the developers) built our home in 1972.

Many early builders are missing from this report and many homeowners have no idea who built their home. I’m aware of these builders:
George Wightman (lives in PP)
Jim Nancy (lived in PP)
Harry Grimmer (Harry and his daughter lived in PP and his son still lives here)

Over the years properties in and around the perimeter which were privately owned were sold, developed and merged into PP.

Here is a suggest builder list the developers listed in the brochure printed around 1985:
Alta Builders
Neill Barnett Builders (lived in PP)
Mel Dickie Construction Co.
Peter L. Goebel, Inc.
Carl Heldmann (lived in PP)
Medlin Builders, Inc.
Plantation Construction Co.
Henry R. Price Construction
Southern Builders
C. L. Stewart Construction
J. Ken Williams Co.

Harry Grimmer built most of the homes with Kuykendall entrance streets and purchased the balance of the original development around 1983. Harry sold property to some of the following builders.
Toll Brothers Inc.
Shea Homes

I do not have the names for other builders who have built in recent years and sadly there are only a few vacant lots remaining.

Joye Baucom, Historian
704 564 2643