Welcome New Neighbors!

Get to know who is new to the neighborhood. This section will tell you all about newcomers to the neighborhood.

Doug and Louise Rose

They moved to 2611 Maricopa Ridge Lane.

From where did you relocate? Frederick, Maryland

Profession/Business: Retired Admn Asst/Engineer

Hobbies or Interests: Gardening, Sports

Hometown/Colleges: WALDEN NY/Clarkson University

Chris & Meredith Gerbino

They moved to 3220 Twelve Oaks Place. They have 2 children, ages 6 and 9.

From where did you relocate? NoDa

Profession/Business: Construction / Speech Pathologist

Hometown/Colleges: Cleveland / John Carroll University & Cleveland / Miami University

Rowena and Johann Putter

They moved to 2811 Providence View Lane. They have four adult daughters all living overseas.

From where did you relocate? South Africa

Profession/Business: Rowena (African travel specialist) ; Johann (IT security and project management)

Hobbies or Interests: Gardening, sports, travel, photography, DIY

Hometown/Colleges: Johannesburg, South Africa

Barry & Jennifer Paul

They moved to 2524 Grimmersborough Lane. They have 2 children, ages 4 and 10.

From where did you relocate? Chapel Hill, NC

Profession/Business: Physician

Hobbies or Interests: Reading, Hiking, Blacksmithing

Hometown/Colleges: Philadelphia

Brian Clonaris & Amy Greene

They moved to 5700 Chretien Point Dr. They have 1 child, age 7.

From where did you relocate? Raleigh

Profession/Business: Brian: Audio Engineer; Amy: Sr Business Operations Advisor

Hobbies or Interests: Volunteering, Cooking, Traveling, Live Shows

Hometown/Colleges: Brian: Charlotte; Amy: Star; Both: NC State

Frederick Joubert, Susan Joubert, Michael Joubert, Marc Joubert, Michelle Cormier, Mabel Guerra

They moved to 5322 Lancelot Drive. They have 2 children, ages 3 and 19.

From where did you relocate? Fort Mill, SC

Profession/Business: Dentist/ Arboretum Family Dentistry

Hobbies or Interests: Golf, Tennis, Skiing, Hiking, Wine

Kristen Smith-O’Connor and Patrick O’Connor

They moved to 5310 Lancelot Drive.

From where did you relocate? Knoxville, TN

Profession/Business: Disability Consulting/Energy Economics

Hometown/Colleges: College:UNC-Chapel Hill

Barton & Julie Balzer

They moved to 5503 Flowering Dogwood Lane. They have 2 children, ages 2 and 4.

From where did you relocate? Within Charlotte

Profession/Business: Bart – Continuous Improvement; Duke. Julie- Marketing; Kettle Brand.

Hometown/Colleges: Bart – Chicago, IL / University of Dayton. Julie – Naples, FL / University of Richmond & USC.

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