Welcome New Neighbors!

Get to know who is new to the neighborhood. This section will tell you all about newcomers to the neighborhood.

Ivan and Belinda Bell – May 2020

They moved to 3230 Valentine Lane. They have four children, ages 8-15.

From where did you relocate? Waxhaw, but Ivan grew up in Providence Plantation

Jason & Heather Avery – April 2020

They moved to 2223 Maynard. They have 2 children.

From where did you relocate? Fort Bragg, NC

Philip & Rachel Welber – January 2020

They moved to 55809 Providence Glen Rd. They have 1 child, age 2.

From where did you relocate? New York

Profession/Business: Technology

Hometown/Colleges: Bart – Tampa,FL; Rachel Jericho, NY

Hobbies or Interests: Cooking, Traveling, Exercising

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