Welcome New Neighbors!

Get to know who is new to the neighborhood. This section will tell you all about newcomers to the neighborhood. Updated 6/1/21.

Tim and Annette McCabe – May 2021

They moved to 2914 Simmon Tree Rd.

Profession/Business: Retired Graphic Artist and Retired Nurse

Hometown/College: Richmond/NY

Hobbies or Interests: Banjo, Guitar, Reading, Writing, Gardening

From where did you relocate? Richmond, VA

Ivan and Julia Mousaw – May 2021

They moved to 3339 Rhett Butler Place.  They have 1 child – Nolan, 2013.

Profession/Business: Banking; Telecom

Hometown/College: Atlanta/Georgia Univ; Buffalo/UNCW

Hobbies or Interests: Travel, sports, outdoors

Phillip and Dedria Kolb – April 2021

They moved to 4000 High Ridge Rd.  They have 2 children – Ella, 2012 and Olivia 2017.

Profession/Business: Financial Services

Hometown/College:Cornell/ UNC Chapel Hill

From where did you relocate? Dilworth

Hayley and Ryan – February 2021

They moved to 2830 Providence Spring Lane.

Profession/Business: Software development, account management

Hometown/College: Boston (Ryan) / London (Hayley)

From where did you relocate? Charleston, SC

Hobbies or Interests: Hiking, Traveling, Coffee shops, sports

Networking Needs: Friends to connect with!

Jaime and Paul Chousa – February 2021

They moved to 5809 Providence Glen Rd.  They have one child, Elliana – 2018.

From where did you relocate? Long Island/Westchester, NY

Frank and Suzy Kobyleski – February 2021

They moved to 2317 Houston Branch Rd.

Profession/Business: Frank is Retired from the Boeing Company. Susan is a Compliance Officer for a defense contractor in Charlotte.

Hometown/College: Phoenix, AZ. Frank has an MBA from Embry-Riddle. Susan has an MBA from Arizona State University.

From where did you relocate? Arizona by way of Virginia

Hobbies or Interests: Cooking, Gardening, Travel, Golf

Kellen and Whitney Dargle – February 2021

They moved to 3312 Rhett Butler Pl.  They have 2 children – Louise 2013, and Mae 2015.

Profession/Business: Marketing Director at WBTV (Kellen)

From where did you relocate? Lexington, KY

Hobbies or Interests: Kellen plays indoor soccer, enjoys Cleveland baseball, and is a connoisseur of sports uniforms and logos. Whitney enjoys working out, running, and reading Woman’s World.

Daniel and Heather Quaranta – February 2021

They moved to 2424 Houston Branch Rd.  They have 4 children – Simone 2008, Naomi 2010, Ciel 2012, and Talia 2014.

Profession/Business: Wells Fargo

From where did you relocate? Wilmore, Charlotte

Hometown/College: UNCW

Hobbies or Interests: Spending time together as a family

Lindsay and Grayson Glover – February 2021

They moved to 2724 Moss Spring Road.  They have 2 children – Max, 5 and Elle McCall, 2.

Profession/Business: Grayson is the VP of Construction at Hoopaugh Grading Company and Lindsay manages homelife and preschool carpools.

From where did you relocate? Berkeley

Hometown: Lindsay is from Lancaster, SC and Grayson is a Charlotte native

Hobbies or Interests: Playing outside, going to the beach, baking cookies and reading books

Brian and Marie Revere – January 2021

They moved to 2739 Cross Country Road.

Profession/Business: Insurance

From where did you relocate? Mckinney, TX

Hometown: Utica NY and Santa Cruz,CA

Hobbies or Interests: Golf, walking, pickleball, cards

Jeff Mabon and Allie Shukraft – January 2021

They moved to 6110 Briarberry Court.

Profession/Business: Technology Manager/Wells Fargo

Hometown/Colleges: University South Carolina, Rochester Institute Technology, University Peuget Sound, UNCC

Hobbies or Interests: Technology, Gardening, Dogs

Other: We have a golden retriever (Blue) and a Basset Hound (EmmyLou)




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