The Providence Plantation Homeowners Association (HOA) has just learned that the Providence Plantation Racquet and Swim Club (PPRSC) is considering selling its property to outside entity, Souness Investment Holdings LLC, which intends to  turn PPRSC into a for-profit entity.  We all know that the PPRSC has been a non-profit neighborhood swim and tennis facility located on Houston Branch since it was founded in the 1980’s.  It appears that may soon change.

The PPRSC Board of Directors has called for a meeting of all PPRSC dues paying members (approximately 300 families, mostly living in Providence Plantation) to a Special Meeting scheduled for April 21, 2022, at which Souness Investment Holdings LLC will present its proposal. According to information distributed by the PPRSC Board, sometime after the meeting,  PPRSC members will receive an email outlining the plan and PPRSC members will vote via return email. The HOA does not yet have any additional information regarding the nature of the offer or the plans of the potential buyer.

The HOA’s concern in this matter relates to how the changes to the PPRSC may impact the surrounding neighborhood.  We are actively seeking additional information, and we want to ensure that all homeowners in Providence Plantation are aware of the potential changes and how those changes may affect them.  We will send you updates as we learn more about this fluid situation.

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