Membership & Dues

Providence Plantation Homeowners Association annual dues are $80 and are paid for the calendar year. You can pay online using PayPal or mail a check to PPHOA, P.O. Box 79523, Charlotte, NC 28271. If you are new to the neighborhood, please complete our Newcomer Questionnaire and create an online account using the instructions below.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are in the process of creating a password-protected online directory and need all residents to verify their information. All homeowners should receive a mailing in January with instructions on how to create an account online and enter/update their directory information. If you prefer to mail in your information, please complete the Directory/Dues Form (PDF) to send in with your dues payment.


If you have a username, you can go to the Create/Reset Password page to create an account and then make updates.

If you do not have a username or are new to the neighborhood, you will need to Register and get approved before entering your directory information.

  1. Go to the Registration page.
  2. Enter your information and create a Username and Password. After you submit this info, your account will need to be approved before you can log in. You will get an email from PP-HOA when it is approved.
  3. Once approved, login to your account and review the information that we have listed for you. You can make edits to your account info on this screen.
  4. Under the Your Account section, select Submit Online Directory Information and complete the form.
  5. After completing this process, you will be taken to the PayPal payment screen and can make your 2022 dues payment.

Your homeowners’ dues continue to fund, among other things, the following initiatives:

  • Night-time security patrols by off-duty police officers. We have a safe neighborhood by any standard. These patrols are a primary reason why.
  • Maintenance of our 5 neighborhood entrances which include landscaping fees for annual and perennial plantings, mowing, irrigation, electricity and insurance.
  • Access to the online neighborhood directory when it is live in the spring and a print directory in the mail in May. (You can opt out of the print directory in your account if you wish).
  • The Providence Plantation HOA website that will host the Online Directory along with Neighbor to Neighbor Services listings and other information.
  • Email newsletters and other email notifications to residents about events, crime alerts, missing pets, and other important community broadcasts.

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