Newcomer Questionnaire

We would like to introduce you as a New Neighbor in our upcoming newsletter. Please provide the following information and watch upcoming issues for people you might know.

The newsletter is published quarterly in January, April, August and December. To save money, we distribute 3 issues by email. You can view articles from past newsletters on our website. The December issue is mailed to you.

To get on the neighborhood email list to receive newsletters as well as other neighborhood news and alerts, just send an email to or sign-up here.

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  • Charlotte, NC 28270
  • (one per line)
  • As a benefit to members of PPHA, we send periodic information by email like the neighborhood Newsletter, crime alerts and lost & found information, and important notices. We value your privacy and do not publish or distribute email addresses in any way.
  • If you'd like more information on any of these organized social activities (Book Club, Lady’s Bunko, Bridge Club, Garden Club, Playgroups, Couples Supper Clubs), please email

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