Safety and Security Update for Sept. – Nov.

During the month of November I received requests for assistance from several homeowners who have not supported our HOA by paying their yearly dues.

I have served on the HOA board for 20 years and have spent a great amount of time and effort, as have our other board members, to make our neighborhood a safe and a desirable place to live. I have always responded to questions and requests for assistance from all homeowners and will continue to do so. HOA board members are volunteers, do not get paid for the work they do and they pay their yearly homeowners dues, so I hope you can understand my frustration when I receive requests from homeowners who do not support the PPHOA by paying their yearly dues of $80.

Dues are used to provide services that benefits everyone who lives in Providence Plantation. Please support our HOA.

The following crimes were reported in our neighborhood from Sept. 1, 2016 to November 26, 2016.

The suspects identified in the burglaries that occurred on 11/10/16 are believed to be responsible for the burglaries that occurred in October. Detectives are in the process of obtaining information that will connect them to the previous burglaries.

Please report all incidents of crime to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. For crimes in progress and other emergencies dial 911. For non-emergencies, and past crimes call 311. You can also report the following past crimes using the Online Reporting System; Larceny, Harassing Phone Calls, Theft from Auto, or Property Damage. You can do so at: You can do so at the CMPD website.

Also, please notify me at 704-849-9234, between 9am and 9pm, or you can email me at

Harvey Katowitz
Security Chairperson