Reminder to Leash Your Pets and Pick Up

The HOA has received complaints about unleashed dogs and dog owners not picking up after their dogs.

The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have strict nuisance animals and leash laws that apply to all animals except cats (see the nuisance animal section for laws pertaining to cats).

Nuisance animals
Ordinance reads that it is unlawful for any person to own or maintain an animal in such a manner to cause a public nuisance. Examples of situations which would constitute a nuisance are:

  • Having an animal which disturbs the rights of or threatens the safety of a member of the general public, or interferes with the ordinary use and enjoyment of their property.
  • Allowing an animal to damage the property of anyone other than its owner.
  • Maintaining animals in an environment of unsanitary conditions which results in offensive odors.
  • Allowing or permitting an animal to bark, whine, howl, crow or cackle in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion so as to interfere with the reasonable use and enjoyment of neighboring premises.
  • Failing to confine a female dog in heat.
  • Failing to remove feces deposited by a dog on any public street, sidewalk, gutter, park or other publicly owned or private property unless the owner of the property has given permission allowing such use of the property. Dog waste is raw sewage. Roundworms, E. coli, and Giardia are just a few of the many harmful microorganisms that can be transmitted from pet waste to humans. Some can last in your yard for as long as four years if not cleaned up. Children who play outside and adults who garden are at greatest risk of infection. Pet waste is one of the causes of bacterial contamination of streams in Mecklenburg County.
    The solution is safe and easy: 1) Scoop the poop, 2) put it in a plastic bag, 3) place it in the trash, and 4) wash your hands.

Leash Law
Animals must be on a leash, contained within a fence or an operable and marked invisible fence. The invisible fence company should give owners a sign to place at the mailbox to indicate that there is an invisible fence present.

An animal may be loose in its own yard if there is an adult (18 years or older) immediately next to the animal and the animal responds to direct verbal commands of the person.

ALL dog owners that take their dogs for walks in their neighborhoods and/or in public parks (not designated as a dog park) are required to keep their dogs on leash and under physical restraint at ALL TIMES. Please note that having the leash in your possession and not attached to the dog is not considered having the dog on a leash and you will still be subject to a fine.

All regulations aim to protect the health and safety of our citizens. Please be a responsible pet owner and abide by the law. Violations will be investigated and stiff fines may be applied. Fines range from a $50.00 citation for the first violation and up to a $500.00 citation and permanent seizure of the animal for a fifth violation.

To report an animal at large, please call 311. Please note that it could take up to 4 hours for an officer to respond. Any information about where the owner lives would help greatly.

There are dog parks in Char-Meck that will allow pet owners to let their dogs off-leash in a fenced in and controlled area. To find where these parks are located and the rules for participation, visit the Dog Parks page.

If you have any questions about a possible nuisance situation, please call 311.