PPHOA Spring 2020 Newsletter

PPHOA 2020 Spring Newsletter


By Bob Hayes, PPHOA President

Well, it appears we have all moved to a strange and unpleasant world.  Ever since we began social distancing, it seems everything has changed…. Including our attitudes about what is and is not important.  Many things that seemed so important before are just an afterthought today.  But let’s all remind ourselves that this is temporary, and eventually we will be able to resume our regular lives.  But let’s also recognize where we stand while in this strange new world.  Some of us are lucky.  We get to complain about cabin fever, but our incomes and our health are unaffected.  Thank God I fall into that category!  Others face the prospect of financial ruin if this doesn’t end soon.  Still others fall into high risk categories, and quite literally fear for their lives.  This is scary stuff.  Let’s all pledge to be good neighbors and help where we can.

Now, just to give you something else to think about, let’s remember back to late February and early March, when lots of things were happening in the neighborhood that seemed then to be important.  On February 25th the HOA hosted a public meeting with NC DOT personnel to discuss the improvements to I-485, the planned exit onto Weddington Road and how that will affect us.  A very large crowd showed up and learned a lot about what the changes will be.  If you missed the meeting, the short story is that Weddington will be widened to 5 lanes (two lanes each way plus a turning lane) from Plantation all the way to McKee.  There will be I-485 entrance/exits right across from Plantation Road and also just the other side of the bridge, near the YMCA.  Construction on Weddington will start soon and will take about 18 months.  It will probably be closer to 3 years before the freeway entrance/exits will be operational.

Also, at the meeting, after the NCDOT people were done, we had a very good discussion about what the HOA does, and what else it could do.  It was explained to the attendees that they all had good ideas, but the problem was that we needed people to do the work, and the existing Board members were already very busy.  Then several people stood up and volunteered to join us and work to make Providence Plantation an even better place.  There was a feeling of excitement as people began to plan for new events, social activities, or other ways to improve the neighborhood.  Then COVID-19 appeared, and everything was put on hold.  So, for now, the HOA is stuck in a holding pattern until we are released from Social Distancing.

Hopefully this newsletter will give you a reason to think positively about the future and how Providence Plantation can be an even better place to live once we can get our lives back.

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PPHOA 2020 Spring Newsletter

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