Welcome New Neighbors!

Get to know who is new to the neighborhood. This section will tell you all about newcomers to the neighborhood. Updated 1/8/21.

Jeff Mabon and Allie Shukraft – January 2021

They moved to 6110 Briarberry Court.

Profession/Business: Technology Manager/Wells Fargo

Hometown/Colleges: University South Carolina, Rochester Institute Technology, University Peuget Sound, UNCC

Hobbies or Interests: Technology, Gardening, Dogs

Other: We have a golden retriever (Blue) and a Basset Hound (EmmyLou)

Brian and Stephanie Conlon – December 2020

They moved to 3410 Rhett Butler Pl. They have 1 child – Mackenzie Rose – 2019.

From where did you relocate? Quail Hollow

Profession/Business: Brian – television industry // Stephanie — CMS

Hometown/Colleges: Brian – Connellsville, Pa/West Liberty University // Stephanie- Shadyside, OH/West Liberty University

Hobbies or Interests: Tennis, movies, fire pits, good food

Networking Needs: Social

Nick & Paula Quintero – November 2020

They moved to 2200 Beaucatcher Ln. They have 4 children – Faith – 2003, Gracie – 2009, Micah – 2011 & Mikayla – 2013.

From where did you relocate? California

Profession/Business: Melissa’s Produce

Hometown/Colleges: Vernon

Hobbies or Interests: JiuJitsu, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Online Marketing

Networking Needs: Food / Grocery professionals

Tim & Lauren Murphy – September 2020

They moved to 3242 India Wilkes Pl. They have 2 children – Teagan born in 2016 and Liam born in 2017.

Cornelis & Michelle Driessen – September 2020

They moved to 2720 Moss Spring Road. They have 2 children – Tehila born in 2011 and Lukas born in 2014.

From where did you relocate? South Africa


Mike & Adrienne Walker – August 2020

They moved to 2611 Cotton Planter Lane. They have 3 children – Juliana born in 2016, Jaclyn born in  2018, and Holland born  in 2020.

From where did you relocate? Concord, NC

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