If you would like to serve on the HOA Board or have general questions about community issues, send a note to our president.

Architectural Review

When planning changes to the outside appearance of your home, you may want to first confer with our Architectural Review Chairperson to make sure your changes comply with the guidelines and conventions of the community.

Directory Services

If information in the Directory for your residence needs updates, send them to our Directory Services chairperson.

Lost & Found or Community Alerts

We can send an email to the neighborhood email subscriber list if you have lost or found pet or have a community alert. Please send an email with the relevant details, contact info and photo if possible. You may also want to post to our neighborhood’s Nextdoor page.

To sign-up to receive PPHOA emails, complete this form.

Lights & Sprinklers

If you notice a problem with the lights or sprinklers at our entrances, send a notice to our Lights & Sprinklers chairperson.

Neighborhood Appearance

For comments regarding the appearance of our entrances or roadsides, notify our Neighborhood Appearance Chairperson.

Newcomer Services

If you’re new and need information about the neighborhood or HOA functions, contact our Newcomer Services chairperson. If you’re a new member of the HOA and need a directory or three-ring directory binder, this is the place to request one.


Anytime a crime is committed against you or your property in the Plantation, after notifying the police, please notify our Security Chairperson. Also send in information regarding suspicious people or events you witness.


If you are interested in heading up an existing or new social group (card games, bunco, supper club, book club, garden club, etc.), contact our Socials Chairperson. A list of existing groups can be found on the Clubs page.


If you notice a problem with our website, contact the webmaster.

Zoning & Planning

For questions regarding zoning and planning, send a note to our Zoning and Planning Chairperson.