How can I get Speed Humps on my street?

If citizens are interested in having speed humps installed on their street, the following process applies:


  • A street must be classified as a two-lane, local residential street.
  • A street’s width must be less than or equal to 40 feet.
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes should be greater than 1,000.
  • The speed of 15% of the vehicles should be equal to or greater than five (5) miles over the posted speed limit.
  • Grade is less than or equal to 8%.
  • Horizontal radius of street is less than or equal to 300.
  • Street’s current speed limit should be posted as 25 mph if it is a local street, or 30 mph if it is a neighborhood collector.
  • Street should not be a primary emergency medical services route—CDOT will contact EMS departments in the area of the request to determine if the humps will interfere with a majority of their emergency response calls.

Resident Petition – If a street qualifies for speed humps, the following will be   required from the residents:

  • A 60% petition of all property owners on the street, including adjoining cul-de-sacs off the street.
  • A letter of endorsement from the neighborhood association is required, if one is listed on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission “List of Neighborhood Contacts”.

Prioritization for Installation – After the request is submitted to CDOT, the street will be evaluated  and rated for priority. Petitions are mailed to citizens of the highest ranking 35-40 streets in January each year. Installation is accomplished by annual contract in late Spring.

What is the Homeowner’s Association doing to discourage vandalism in our neighborhood?

In an effort to deter and apprehend the person(s) involved in any act of vandalism in Providence Plantation and to especially prevent additional acts of vandalism during the holiday season, the Providence Plantation Home Owners Association Board has voted to offer a reward of $500.00 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Please discuss this with all of your family members.

If  you have any information regarding these incidents or obtain information about future  incidents, please contact our Security Chairperson, Harvey Katowitz at 849-9234 or Police Officer J.D. Russell at 544-4835 or  544-4836.  Your identity will remain confidential.

My trash and yard waste is not picked up in a timely manner. What can I do?

Complaints or requests for any City services can be made to 311.

There is a homeowner that never mows his/her lawn. What can be done?

Neighborhood Development is dedicated to making sure that Charlotte’s neighborhoods are great places to live. One way we do that is through code enforcement. The City of Charlotte’s   Housing Code requires homeowners and landlords to maintain all housing (homes, apartments, townhouses, etc. regardless of when built), within the city limits and unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County, in a safe and clean condition.  The Housing Code also applies to abandoned commercial structures.

The City of Charlotte’s Health and Sanitation Code requires property owners to maintain their premises in a safe and sanitary condition.  Violations include high weeds/grass, accumulation of trash or junk, junk automobiles, etc.

Fill out an on-line form at the following link: Unsightly homes/lawns or Contact the City / County Customer Service Center at 311 to report any suspected code violation.

How do I get a street light installed on my street?

Call 311 to start the process. Additional information is provided at City of Charlotte DOT Street Light Request.

What can be done about unsafe drivers who drive recklessly through our neighborhood?

If you would like to report a traffic violation please provide the registration tag number, description of  the vehicle and driver if known, date, time, and location of the violation, and a detailed  description of the violation. Please email the information to Harvey Katowitz at hkatowitz@windstream.net

Why doesn’t the Homeowners Association enforce the Covenants and Restrictions?

The Homeowner’s Association does not have the authority to enforce them.  They can only be enforced by the original owner of the property or developer who instituted them or by any homeowner who lives in the area where they apply.  All of the different sets of Covenants and Restrictions state that if a homeowner is taken to court and found in violation of the Covenants and Restrictions they will be  responsible for all court costs.

How can I get a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions?

Copies can be obtained at the office of the Register of Deeds.

Register of Deeds:

J. David Granberry Registrar
720 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 704-336-2443
Fax: 704-336-7699
Email: rod@co.mecklenburg.nc.us
Website: http://meckrod.manatron.com/

Is it illegal to park cars on the street in our neighborhood?

It is not against the law unless there are City signs prohibiting it, but it is a violation of most  of the 32 different sets of Covenants and Restrictions.

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