How can I get Speed Humps on my street?

If citizens are interested in having speed humps installed on their street, the following process applies:


  • A street must be classified as a two-lane, local residential street.
  • A street’s width must be less than or equal to 40 feet.
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes should be greater than 1,000.
  • The speed of 15% of the vehicles should be equal to or greater than five (5) miles over the posted speed limit.
  • Grade is less than or equal to 8%.
  • Horizontal radius of street is less than or equal to 300.
  • Street’s current speed limit should be posted as 25 mph if it is a local street, or 30 mph if it is a neighborhood collector.
  • Street should not be a primary emergency medical services route—CDOT will contact EMS departments in the area of the request to determine if the humps will interfere with a majority of their emergency response calls.

Resident Petition – If a street qualifies for speed humps, the following will be   required from the residents:

  • A 60% petition of all property owners on the street, including adjoining cul-de-sacs off the street.
  • A letter of endorsement from the neighborhood association is required, if one is listed on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission “List of Neighborhood Contacts”.

Prioritization for Installation – After the request is submitted to CDOT, the street will be evaluated  and rated for priority. Petitions are mailed to citizens of the highest ranking 35-40 streets in January each year. Installation is accomplished by annual contract in late Spring.