YTD crime is down 7 %, but between June 1, 2016 and August 31, 2015, there was a 37% increase over the same period as last year.

7/15/2016 Burglary 3300 Block Gray Moss Rd
7/20/2016 Burglary 3200 Block Gray Moss Rd
7/22/2016 Aggravated assault-knife** 3500 Block Rhett Butler Pl
8/4/2016 Vandalism 2800 Block Redfield Dr
8/6/2016 Burglary 2700 Block Peverell Ln
8/10/2016 Larceny from auto 2600 Block Plantation Rd
8/18/2016 Fraud 5000 Block Carillon Wy
8/21/2016 Larceny from auto Grimmersborough Lane
8/24/2016 Larceny from auto 5200 Block Lancelot Dr
8/26/2016 Residential burglary 3200 Block Nancy Creek Rd
8/3/2016 Fraud 5500 Providence Glen Rd

** Family dispute.

Most of the crime in our neighborhood are crimes of opportunity. Garage doors are left open, car doors unlocked and items of value left in plain view inside cars.

Please report all incidents of crime to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. For crimes in progress and other emergencies dial 911. For non-emergencies, and past crimes call 311. You can also report the following past crimes using the Online Reporting System; Larceny, Harassing Phone Calls, Theft from Auto, or Property Damage.  You can do so at:

Also, please notify me at 849-9234, between 9am and 9pm, or you can email me at

Harvey Katowitz
Security Chairperson